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Lark is an Amazon consulting and management firm. We provide a 100% done-for-you brand management service and take over the strategy and day-to-day operations of your Amazon channel sales. 

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Brand management is a service where we completely take over your Amazon operations and run them for you. You can breath easy and relax knowing your business is in the hands of a trusted Amazon management firm.

It is fundamentally the most profitable and sustainable business model for brands who currently (or want to!) sell on Amazon and is guaranteed to generate more revenue and profit for your brand.

Our Three Phase Approach.


Phase I is to protect your brand which is all about getting control back. We will help you register any trademarks and reduce the number of third party sellers.

We will review your entire catalog, determine a priority of listings to be optimized, assess account health and put together an implementation plan. Our goal here is to make sure you are in control and ready for the implementation phase.


Phase II is where we take the initial strategies developed in Phase I and put them into practice. In many cases, this will be a rolling start as the implementation of certain areas inherently takes longer than others.

Our main focus during Phase II is on listing optimizations and inventory processes.

Scale & Grow

Phase III is where we continue to refine and optimize your listings through split testing, increase the ad budget as it gets dialed in and expand other promotional activities.

In this phase, by working with your team this is where we will begin taking your brand to the next level.

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Who We Are.

Bad experience working with third-party Amazon resellers? Feeling like they’re out to earn a quick buck and damaging your brand in the process? No stress – we’ve got you covered!

Lark was founded with one key purpose: to be the trusted business partner that cares about your brand as much as you do.

Our revenue model is based on the success of your brand and that is how we guarantee that your goals and ours will always be 100% aligned – because we are literally in it together.

Lark aims to eliminate the bother and complexity of selling on Amazon so that you can focus solely on running your business. There’s no catch. No eye-watering retainer. No once-off joining fee.

We don’t profit from you until you profit from us. Period.

What We Do.

The short answer is: we grow your revenue and profit on the Amazon platform.
We completely take over and run your Amazon operations so you can breathe easy and relax knowing your business is in the hands of trusted Amazon experts. 
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How to know if Brand Management is something that you need?

You don’t have the time to focus on your Amazon account

You have third-party sellers that ignore your MAP and create price wars

You work with third party sellers because you don’t know how to sell on Amazon yourself

Your competitors are on Amazon and doing a better job than you

You are struggling with the complexity of selling on Amazon


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