Brand Management is where we completely take over the day-to-day strategy and operations of your Amazon channel sales.

Brand management offers a much higher return on Amazon than the traditional third-party seller model.

What We Do.

We take over all aspects of your Amazon account for you so you don’t lift a finger.

Review Management

Repeat business is critical to building sustainable long-term sales growth. This will only be achieved by providing great customer service and pairing it with an unrivaled buying experience. ​That is why we partner with Amazon to provide fast and accurate support and feedback to customers with minimal hassle.

Listing Optimization

Optimization is everything in the e-commerce world and we have you covered. Our team has loads of experience optimizing listings on Amazon by combining your brand story with improved keyword selection, back-page indexing, titles, images and descriptions to maximize conversion. Your unique story  is what gives you the edge on your competitors.

Brand Story

Our team knows how to tell your brand’s story with copy that converts. Our listing optimizations aspire to feature brands in innovative ways that bring positive attention to them.

We use our cutting-edge analytic tools to research buying patterns and customer preferences to maximize conversions and listings. The reach of your brand will organically grow as traffic and conversion increase. This is an indirect consequence of the work we do to ensure your presence on Amazon is optimized.

Price Monitoring

Accurate product pricing is critical to maximizing conversion on Amazon. This is why MAP enforcement is so important – not only do we want to protect your brand from counterfeit sellers but also to ensure we add profit to your bottom line. Fortunately, we know exactly how this works on Amazon and will explain it to you.

Amazon Advertising (Pay-Per-Click & Display)

Using the latest analytics tools and software to track your brand’s sales on Amazon, we are able to customize pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns to suit your unique needs. PPC advertising can significantly improve listing traffic and conversion so it’s crucial that your Amazon partner knows how to maximize the campaigns to add value to you.

Logistics Management

Using real data and market-leading analytics software, we are able to forecast product demand more accurately. We share this data with our partnered brands, improving their supply chain visibility and allowing them to accurately schedule production and sourcing.

Enhanced Brand Content

Make the most of your real estate on each product page with a brand story designed just for you. We work with you to create eye-catching graphics, images, videos and features that tell your brand’s story and help you stand out.

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Have you got patents or intellectual property rights for your products? Our team can assist you with registering your patents and/or trademarks on Amazon’s Brand Registry and linking them to your product listings to further protect your brand. This gives you greater control over your listings like never before.

Industry Research

We use the latest e-Commerce technologies to gather valuable information and turn it into an actionable strategy to grow your business. Armed with this data, our team of experts can help you identify market trends and opportunities and how to take advantage of them to move your brand forward.

Unauthorized Seller Remediation

Unauthorized sellers of your brand can damage your reputation and you can lose control of your products on Amazon. Using cutting edge technology, we monitor all your listings to identify and remove unauthorized sellers of your brand helping you take back control and manage your brand the way it ought to be.


Our team of copywriting experts combine the art of marketing with the science behind Amazon’s A9 algorithm. We know how to write convincing copy that will also index for the optimal search results. Not only will this give your product a fundamental advantage against your competitors but it will also save you money on PPC advertising.

Catalog Optimization

We work with your team to ensure your pricing stays current on Amazon and regularly monitor your eligibility for Amazon’s opt-in programs. We take responsibility for restocking your inventory to ensure maximum profitability and conformity to Amazon’s terms of service.

Website Creation

Your online presence is a reflection of your company, your product, your team and your brand. Done right, it will engender trust and appeal, increasing engagement and conversions.

Reporting and Analytics

Not only does our team work tirelessly getting you results – we keep you in the loop, providing you with the data to make sound business decisions through regular reports, analytics and strategy sessions to plan your next steps.

Did You Know?


66% of all consumers start their product searches on Amazon and regularly use it to price-check.


In 2022, nearly half of all ecommerce sales in the US take place on Amazon.


89% of all sellers on Amazon use FBA making their products eligible to over 200 million Amazon Prime members.


Amazon is the most visited online marketplace in the US with over 2 billion monthly visits (3x that of eBay).

How does Brand Management differ from Amazon Sellers?

A brand manager works for you and takes over all of the day-to-day running of your Amazon Seller account. This also includes working with you to devise and implement an Amazon success strategy.

Third-party resellers will buy your inventory from you at wholesales prices and resell them on Amazon for a profit. Sometimes they will make some listing improvements but these are not always with the brand’s approval.

Owing to the wholesale discounts necessary for third-party resellers to turn a profit, brand management also ends up being more profitable for you.

Why top brands are switching to Brand Management.


Top brands make more money selling their products themselves.

Partnering with third-party resellers became the default way of selling on Amazon because it’s easier than doing it yourself. But, the revenue you sacrifice by selling at wholesale prices is no longer justified.

Wholesale prices are usually 50% of the MSRP so you’re giving up (paying!) half of your products value so that someone else can make money reselling your products on Amazon.

Brand management allows you to sell your own products on Amazon at retail pricing without needing any knowledge about Amazon. 

What’s more, being the exclusive seller of your own products gives you better control of your brand’s presence, pricing, branding and customer engagement on Amazon. 

Our cost comparison

selling 3rd party vs. brand management

this assumes exclusively selling on amazon going forward

Amazon brand management cost comparison table

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